Brand & Creative Challenges
In collaboration with a independent film production, I was tasked with creating a fake coffee brand that was going to be prominently present on screen, collaborating closely with the production director and the film's creative team, we aimed to create a brand design that would captivate a vintage 1950s design aesthetic with a rustic feel, the name of the brand that was chosen was called Jim Joes Coffee.
With this project, I embarked on an new experimental innovative workflow, one that would seamlessly integrate the power of Midjourney, an AI imaging application. 
This endeavour marked a daring departure from my conventional design practices, as I delved into the realm of artificial intelligence, harnessing its creative potential to bring forth a purposeful and evocative visual narrative

A Television Broadcast from Outer Space
Film, Entertainment
Logo Design, Package Design , Illustration, Prompt Engineering, Branding
This Moodboard includes a collection of selected images and design elements that will inform the final design concept and style of the brand guideline and logo design.
This Direction is modern with a vintage twist, bold and inviting with a feminine feel, Logo should be simple enough to be able to scale for different mediums.
Brand Words
 Vintage, bold, rustic, text-based, old, rust, muted colors 
In trying to create a captivating and unique coffee package design, I  incorporating the capabilities of Midjourney, an advanced AI image-generating software. This approach not only added an element of intrigue to the creative process but also proved to be a game-changer in bringing my envisioned designs to life.
Midjourney is a  AI program that transforms natural language text prompts into visually stunning images. Unlike conventional design methods, which involve sketching, I embraced the challenge of my creative vision into a textual prompt.
Midjourney Inspiration 
Midjourney Process 
Midjourney operates through prompts sketching, I embraced the challenge of my creative vision into a textual prompt.
Instead of traditional sketching, this process involves crafting specific textual prompts that serve as instructions for the AI to bring concepts to life. These prompts act as a unique language that Midjourney interprets, enabling the generation of images.
By crafting prompts like "/imagine [1950s vintage coffee can packaging design, rustic charm, hyper-detailed graphics]," I was able to create a series of images ( above ). 
The images generated by Midjourney come out as flat jpg image files, rich in detail but presented without layers to be manipulated or altered.
To make them practical and tailor the artwork, these outputs are imported into vector graphic software like Illustrator. This step me to further refine and adapt the art, redrawing specific elements or the entirety of the design, allowing me to deconstruct the image into distinct layers.
This step not only allows me the flexibility to fine-tune individual components but also allows for manipulation for compositional purposes. The necessity to rework parts of the design within Illustrator transforms the static output into a dynamic canvas where I can effortlessly arrange and integrate assets.​​​​​​​

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