Brand & Creative Challenges
This was an illustrated poster design for both a discerning client and the National Health Service (NHS). 
The task at hand involved bringing to life the essence of the five points of dignity policy for healthcare staff, the poster's primary objective was to be visually appealing and be a informative and impactful vehicle for enlightenment. 
Health Care
Internal Staff & Team Members
Gender: ALL
Age: ALL
Educate and bring awareness to the both staff and patients.  
 Visual Communication, illustration, Character design. Graphic design, Poster design, Print Design 
Sketch and process
My thinking process centered on achieving a visual narrative that was simultaneously simple, stylistic, and attention-grabbing. Opting for a warm and friendly aesthetic, I consciously veered away from conventional photography or icons, choosing instead to employ an illustrated approach.
The challenge lay in ensuring a cohesive visual journey for the viewer, wherein all five key areas of the dignity policy were seamlessly interconnected, rather than appearing as isolated components. Aiming for a continuous line drawing that intricately linked each of the five main illustrations posed a notable challenge. 
This technique was pivotal in conveying the interconnectedness of the policy's facets. Adhering closely to the NHS brand guidelines, I meticulously selected and applied their primary colors to maintain a cohesive visual identity, fostering immediate recognition and alignment with the established brand.​​​​​​​
Final Design

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