Brand & Creative Challenges
CloudPay Academy is CloudPays own internal training and social platform, it keeps the workforce up to date with the latest company developments. By providing a centralized platform for sharing information, CloudPay ensures that employees remain well-informed about new products, product updates, and general communication. 
The platform offers an interactive learning environment where individuals can acquire in-depth knowledge about CloudPay's platform functionalities and best practices. By providing self-paced modules, video tutorials, and interactive quizzes, CloudPay Academy ensures that employees are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate the platform efficiently and effectively. 
CloudPay Academy empowers and equips CloudPay's employees and service partners with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to excel within the organization.
CloudPay Academy
Global Payroll, Treasury Service, Fin-Tech
Internal Team Members
Gender: ALL
Age: ALL
Interests: Finance, Payroll, Company Updates, Product Updates, Product Training
I was tasked with crafting and creating a video intro and lower thirds for all the training and internal communication videos aimed at enhancing the visual experience of training and internal communication videos, to capture viewers' attention while reinforcing the company's brand identity.
Additionally, I also designed visually consistent PowerPoint templates, enabling internal teams to create engaging worksheet thumbnails that optimize employee engagement. 
Throughout, my primary focus remained on creating visually captivating and informative branded visuals.
Build Internal Brand Awareness, Internal Brand Recognition, Visual Internal Communication  
Logo Animation, Branded Asset Creation, Visual Communication Assets, PowerPoint Templates
Banner Designs
I designed 4 main banners, that would live within CloudPay Academy, these banners comprised a central CloudPay Academy banner and three distinct sub-category banners.
The categories namely Customers, Internal, and Service Partners, were assigned a unique color scheme to facilitate easy identification.
To ensure visual consistency, I maintained a consistent layout across all designs, while selectively modifying the banner images to effectively convey the content belonging to each specific group. This approach resulted in compelling visuals that accurately represented the diverse content within the banners.
The primary objective was to develop an engaging intro that seamlessly incorporates the main academy logo while introducing viewers to the learning environment and by capturing their attention from the start, me and my team at CloudPay aimed to enhance the overall training experience.
The concept involved a lightbulb emerging on the screen and illuminating it with the brand's main color, this symbolism represented knowledge and knowledge for the CloudPay Brand. Careful attention was given to synchronizing the animation with the accompanying music, ensuring each action corresponded harmoniously with the beats.
In order to infuse the animation with a more organic feel, I applied the principles of squash and stretch, and anticipation, this approach added a dynamic and visually striking element to the sequence, ensuring a captivating viewing experience.
I managed to implement this new intro across all of CloudPay's internal training materials. By maintaining consistency throughout the content, I aimed to establish a sense of coherence and unity, additionally, the introduction of this high-quality animated sequence elevated the perceived value and professionalism of the videos, further enhancing the overall training experience.
The creation of a captivating animated title sequence for the internal training videos has been a significant milestone help to elevate the quality and impact of the content. By seamlessly integrating our main academy logo and employing a visually engaging concept, I successfully enhanced the learning environment and captivated viewers from the very beginning.
Academy Training Thumbnail Template Designs

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