Brand & Creative Challenges
Wren Jen, an esteemed contemporary e-commerce fashion label specializing in vintage-inspired clothing catering to women seeking vintage-inspired clothing and the resale of pre-owned garments.
What sets Wren Jen apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability and its strong stance against the rapid turnover of fast fashion.
Wren Jen's mission is to provide a new lease of life to cherished garments, offering them a deserving new home, by breathing new life into pre-loved pieces, Wren Jen becomes an advocate of conscious consumerism, transforming the fashion landscape one garment at a time.
Wren Jen
E-commerce, fashion
Gender: Female
Age: 20-30 year olds
Interests: Vintage fashion fanatics, against fast fashion, sustainable fashion, environmentally friendly fashion.
Unhappy with the lack of branding and brand identity, the brand approached me to help develop a new branding strategy that would elevate their presence in the market.
They desired brand guidelines that would serve as a compass, guiding their every decision and ensuring a consistent and cohesive brand experience.
Wren Jen yearned for a visually captivating and unique brand identity that would resonate with their target audience—a playful representation that would breathe new life into their brand.
Build brand awareness, Brand recognition, and motivation for customer purchasing decisions.
Branding, Brand Guidelines, Logo Design, Brand Identity Design
Mood Board
This Moodboard includes a collection of selected images and design elements that will inform the final design concept and style of the brand guideline and logo design.
This Direction is modern with a vintage twist, bold and inviting with a feminine feel, Logo should be simple enough to be able to scale for different mediums.
Brand Words
Modern, Vintage, Friendly, warm, bold, rustic
Logo Design
The logo for Wren Jen was born from a fusion of its namesake and a unique tattoo cherished by the brand's founder. This personal touch added an intimate connection to the design.
Seeking versatility and personal resonance, my goal was to create a logo that could scale and adapt effortlessly. The challenge lay in capturing the essence of the Wren bird in a simple yet irresistibly charming logo mark.
Final Result
This is the Primary logo captivating and embodying the spirit of the Wren Jen brand, serving as the brand's core identity, it reigns supreme as the ultimate representation of its character and values.
With its magnetic allure, this logo takes center stage, gracing an array of applications, from captivating product packaging to captivating marketing and promotional material.
At the forefront of this design, I wanted to have a personal touch with the main owner of the brand, giving an intimate connection with the brand's owner and its audience.
Simplicity reigns supreme, bolstered by boldness, scalability, and an inviting friendliness that beckons all to embrace the Wren Jen experience.
LOGO variations 
Brand in action

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