As a motion designer at Cloudpay, I played a crucial role in the content development team, crafting engaging and visually compelling marketing and sales materials that helped to elevate the brand and generate valuable leads. 
Working alongside the copywriting team, I designed a range of digital assets and videos for both external and internal audiences, collaborating with the marketing, HR, and sales teams to bring Cloudpay's brand story and message to life.
Client Name
Create a library of video content for marketing and sales generation purposes. Understand and created brand communication content for both internal use with HR and external use with Marketing.
Tools Used
After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Primer Pro, InDesign, PowerPoint, Frame IO
As CloudPay continued to grow and establish itself as a leading brand in the fin-tech and payroll industry, it became clear that updating and revamping the video library was crucial.
 Not only did CloudPay want to increase brand awareness and strengthen client relations through more engaging content, but we also needed to ensure that all of their marketing materials aligned with their new brand guidelines.
By refreshing CloudPays video library, they could achieve all of these goals and establish a cohesive brand image.
Collaborating with the sales, product, and copywriting teams, I developed a series of dynamic and customer-centric videos that effectively promote the Cloudpay brand and generate leads.
To ensure that all video content adhered to brand guidelines, I created custom graphics, illustrations, and animations that effectively conveyed Cloudpay's message and enhanced viewer understanding.
Additionally, utilized high-quality audio recordings and made the videos mobile and subtitle friendly to increase viewer engagement.
Creating these videos not only resulted in a dedicated video library page on the website, allowing clients to quickly browse and understand the CloudPay solution but also helping the sales team win over new clients and streamline their pitch, saving valuable time in the process.
These engaging videos provide a comprehensive overview of the CloudPay system and products in helping prospects make informed decisions faster. 
Not only do the videos save time during the sales process, but they also make it easier for busy individuals to get the information they need without sifting through hundreds of pages on the website.

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