TWISTED is a cable prime-time supernatural thriller TV series set in 1967 and it’s based in an asylum where the inpatients have similar and identifiable attributes and backstories to actual fairy-tale characters; Just imagine American Horror Story season 2 meets Once Upon a Time TV show.
The Director wanted a short 10 – 15 second intro title sequence that introduced the feel and atmosphere of the short film
Client Name
Tools Used
After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop
Chelsea Nwasika 
Associate Producer 
Dan Tonkin 
 Video Editor 
Jason Wheeler
Production Designer
Soraia Rosa 
Motion Design/Title Design

Test video and Graphic
Final Title sequence
The idea for this came to me as I sat at my desk, staring at the blank page in front of me, I was struck by inspiration. A droplet of water fell from my pen, landing on the page and spreading out across the ink. I watched in fascination as the letters began to grow and twist, vines wrapping around them as they did. The whole scene had a fantastical, otherworldly feel to it.
The short film itself is about fairy-tale creators being locked up in a mental asylum so I imagined fairy-tale creators being locked up in a mental asylum, and I wanted to capture that sense of confinement in my work. 
I experimented with different techniques, eventually settling on the idea of having the letters expand as ink might through the water while having the vines grow around the letters as if they were growing through the bars of a prison cell.
It was a simple, yet effective way to bring my vision to life.  

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