In Collaboration with a UK Dorset-based independent production team, I was thrilled to take on the task of designing and creating the animated portion of their title sequence.
The show follows the wacky adventures of two aliens who crash land on earth and team up with a human, leading to a series of hilarious shenanigans.
The production team wanted a dynamic, energetic, and colourful sequence to capture the high-energy vibe of the pilot and grab the attention of the audience from the very beginning.
Client Name
Freddy and Fuzmo Fix the World Production Team
Tools Used
After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Primer Pro
Behind the Scenes on Set
I knew that I wanted to create a truly immersive and mesmerizing experience for the viewer. I decided to blend together a variety of different animation techniques, including 2D hand-drawn frames, motion sequences, and even a stunning 3D sequence. 
The main focus of the project was to showcase the two main alien characters, and I wanted to make them the center of the action. My goal was to make the whole thing feel like a vivid acid trip dream, with the main three characters seamlessly transforming into each other and engulfing the earth to foreshadow the chaos that was yet to come.
The short won best intro/title sequence at the International Uranium Film Festival (IUFF) in Berlin. 

Progress Sketches 
Final Title Sequence

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